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You are unable to connect to the internet? This happened to a friend of mine when he was trying to connect one of his computers to a network. Everything was fine, he used the same process to configure all the other computers in order to add them to the same network, but only one had this problem and he couldn’t figure it out on what to do. 

When he called me to look into this issue, i also decided to write an article on this. 

The first things that we need to check is if the IP is set to automati, but some times this in not enough and the DHCP in not enabled for ethernet error might persist.

So let’s follow the instructions below to fix this issue.

Steps To Fix The DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet


Step 1

  • Win + S to search for Network connection
  • Right-click on you connection and select Properties
  • Select Internet Protovol Version 4 is checked and click Properties button

  • Make sure / change that  IP address and DNS server address are obtained automaticly



Now you should have internet in your connection. Also, you can go and follow the next step in case this didn’t worked to solve our issue descried in the title. If this doesn’t work go ahead with the next solution.

Step 2

In some cases, DHCP needs to be started “from the core”. We can achieve this using CMD (Command Prompt) or PowerShell if you feel like it… Be sure when you open CMD to open it with Administrative role.

  • Open your console
  • Type “netsh interface IP set address “Ethernet” DHCP like the image below.

Note that your connection name might be different. Mine is called “Ethernet”. Your chance to have a different name is 50-50 so write the exact name of the connection.

internet connection name

That’s it… you now have the internet going in your connection. 

If you had a static IP set before, try now to give it a go to set it up back as it was before the changes. 


You might get stuck with this… don’t worry, it’s not that hard. You can call your ISP provider or even better you can call your computer service to help you with this. But if you follow the isntructions you’ll get the results you want. 

Or you can leave a comment and let me know if it worked for you or not. I might be able to help.